of support during pregnancy

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“I am a mother of twins and got a lot of help from Pregnancy Crisis which was just great.

“We got baby equipment and clothing and toiletries And all been delivered with love and care.

“Thanks so much for everything.” – M

“I would like to thank Pregnancy Crisis and Baby Give Back for the wonderful donation which I have received.

“I have appreciated their donation and I could not be more grateful. I always been very independent and have to ask for help in this particular circumstance was  hard for me. But I found here a great support and now I am glad I stayed in Australia.

“A massive thanks to this charity again from myself and my baby. You have done an amazing job for me and one day,  once I will get back on my feet and go back to  chase my career and dreams, I will make sure I will pay your generosity back so you can keep doing the great job you are carrying out now.” ~ C

Stock image shown for illustrative purposes only.
Stock image shown for illustrative purposes only.

“You have a purpose in this life and you will discover this purpose. Don’t give up …. you were created to be loved and to love in return. The love of your child is waiting for you.”

“Thank you for loving and caring for me and helping me to go through the difficult times”

“She helps me to see my life differently with more beauty and meaning. I feel my life is so full of hope because of her. She also makes me stronger”

“They were very helpful, caring, loving and supportive and nonjudgmental toward me”

“Whatever I needed whether it was just to talk or something practical, they helped provide for me during my pregnancy. They were always there for me, and I felt I was not alone anymore. I had confidence for the first time to be able to carry through the pregnancy.”

“My deep appreciation and many thanks to the Pregnancy Crisis organization, their support group, and my friends for their support.”

“Thank you for giving me the strength to make a good decision to have my baby daughter”.  – M