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Information and Testimonials

Maria, a client of Pregnancy Crisis, wrote to us:

I want to use this opportunity to give my deep appreciation and many thanks to Pregnancy Crisis, their support group and my friends for their support. Thank you for loving and caring for me and for helping me to go through the difficult times. Thanks you for giving me the strength to make a good decision…

She also writes:

My daughter is several months old now. She is so beautiful and adorable. Although I am a single mother who is raising her on my own and separated from my husband, I am not alone because I have such wonderful support around me through friends and through Pregnancy Crisis… There are no words that can describe how much joy I have since I have her around. She just has so much good impact in my life in every way. She helps me to see my life differently with more beauty and meaning. I feel my life is so full of hope because of her. She also makes me stronger. Because of her, my family and I have a better and closer relationship. Now I am receiving so much support from my family because of my daughter. I am so blessed to have her.

You can read Maria’s True Story in full by clicking here (PDF file).